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MY CANADA video-2017

My Canada is a country rich with the colourful beads of intertwining cultures.
We are not represented by a single strand of colour but by countless of threads woven together into the fabric of our diversity.
We are not defined by a singular ideology but by an ever-evolving collage of never ending dreams.
Because My Canada is a proud mosaic of 36.7 million glowing hearts bound together by extraordinary stories and an abundance of character.  -AP

My Canada is nation of persistence.
We are not defined by a single success, but by the hundreds of drafts that it took to attain perfection.
We are not the product of the individual that leads but the sum total of the parts that work together to pave the way for the dreams and aspirations of our tomorrow.
We are families forever ready to lend a hand...communities of neighbours with enough room at the table for one more.
Because My Canada believes in her  descendants and the strength of the generations to follow.  -AP


As grandchildren of immigrants, we are very appreciative of the opportunities afforded our family by Canada’s open arms. We wish that everyone choosing Canada as home could share this same legacy.

The Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization - Youth Program (YOCISO) is uniquely committed to Canada's young. We can not think of a community organization that better defines the priorities of elaborating the Canadian mosaic and respecting the diversity of cultures.




YOCISO Newcomer Youth Centre
We are happy to lend support to the YOCISO after-school program with  quarterly art & games workshops.


The Marion Dewar Scholarship Fund
We are also pleased to be able to sponsor one of three Marion Dewar Scholarships awarded annually to three eligible immigrant and refugee youth.

The Marion Dewar Scholarship Fund (MDSF) was established by Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO) in 2008, in honour of the late Marion Dewar, former Mayor of Ottawa. The goal of the Scholarship Fund is to provide financial support to foster academic and leadership excellence in immigrant and refugee youth.  Scholarships of $1500 are awarded annually to three eligible students pursuing post-secondary education in the National capital region.

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