The Quebec Association for Independent Living 

Founded in 1993, QUAIL is a nonprofit charitable association that cares for adults with developmental disabilities.
Located in Chelsea, Quebec, Quail House is home to 6 permanent residents, affording them the unique ability to live independently with the appropriate assistance.
QUAIL also provides respite care to special needs adults.

QUAIL is largely funded through governmental stipends but relies on donations and fundraising to meet the rest of its needs. One of the more "delicious" fundraising initiatives to arise within the community has been the sale of jams, jellies, chutneys, and pickles made in support of QUAIL.

Having had many opportunities to visit QUAIL House, we are touched and impressed with the commitment by all to provide measures of familiality and independence to the residents of the home.  To this end, we hope to raise awareness and inspire community support of this wonderfully inspiring institution with the creation and administration of a new website and social media pages.  

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