"We are all interconnected and interdependent with nature.

Small steps make a big difference on the path to living more sustainably."

- David Suzuki


        One particular issue that has captured our interest is the endangerment of multitudes of pollinating bee and butterfly species.  The vital role that pollinators play in the fertilization and reproduction of  plants and crops is unequivocal and their survival in sufficient numbers is imperative to all life. Nearly 90 per cent of the world's plants rely on pollinators like bees and butterflies for fertilization and reproduction, including over 70 per cent of the major crops that we rely on for food. However, current commercial habits are threatening these pollinators. Bee and monarch butterfly populations are in serious decline, posing serious threats to our agricultural industry and our ecosystems.

To this end, we have signed the "Monarch Manifesto" and pledge to actively partake in "bringing the bees and butterflies back", to our corner of the world via a well scripted list of actionable items enumerated by the DSF.

This includes the creation of Chelsea's 1st Monarch Waystation (ID 19067, March 2018) as well as yearly springtime information sessions with groups of elementary school classes.

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