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BOOKMARKED, 2017-2019

"The more you read, the more things you know.  The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."  
-Dr. Seuss

It has been said that "reading is dreaming with your eyes open". 

As avid readers we truly believe that books give you access to a world of ideas and experiences that even a lifetime of living may not impart.  

But access to books and digital reading materials is more than just good for the soul - it is imperative to elevating the quality of education for all children regardless of means.

With the goal of bringing new worlds and new opportunities to young Canadians, we commit to running an annual book drive to collect books and reading materials for underserved local community organizations.
As an addendum, our $1 Book Project will go towards funding the digital book drive.

We also hope to espouse an appreciation of reading by affording kids the opportunity to see their creativity in print in the quarterly issues of  INSpiREzine.


GIVE A GIRL A BIKE, 2017-2019

Imagine if you could not go to school simply because you had no way of getting there safely. We can't.
But for many girls in the world, the realities of distance and safety are key impediments to them going to school or working outside of their immediate homes and communities. Even if a girl could overcome the variety of cultural and financial obstacles precluding her from working or seeking education, sometimes she just has no way of getting there safely or even getting there at all.
Organizations like 88Bikes, Bicycles for Humanity and Qhubeka provide a simple and direct way of conquering the challenges of distance.  A bike. Qhubeka, is an Nguni word that means "to progress", "to move forward".
Giving a girl a bike bestows upon her the gifts of independence and opportunity - it helps her move forward.
Giving a girl a bike can change her life and her community forever.

TARGET: 50 bikes
FINAL: 88 bikes !



Meet our sponsor sister, Sangeetha.
Sangeetha is a 6-year-old girl that our family sponsors through World Vision. She lives in Eravur Pattu, Sri Lanka, not very far from India where our maternal grandparents were born and raised. It is amazing to know that she lives a life very much similar to the one our grandmother lived when she was the same age. Sangeetha's life seemed simple and wanting to us at first, but her letters tell a story of happiness and daily pleasures not unlike those of our past 6-year-old selves. Her favorite classes are Tamil & Environmental Sciences and her favorite past time is playing on the swings.  Getting to know Sangeetha has shown us that we are in fact much more similar than we are different.
We hope to help Sangeetha and her family meet some of their basic needs and help Sangeetha through primary and secondary schooling.  We also hope to meet her oneday, in her home, in Sri Lanka.