On December 29th, 2017, we were privileged to attend the high school graduation ceremonies at the Kisaruni Group of Schools, in Kenya - a Me to We Charity initiative.  It was a monumental moment for a community whose possibilities for education beyond  primary schooling were historically limited by cultural and financial hurdles.

Inspired by the community of students and a chance meeting with Mitch Kurylowicz, founder of "Project Jenga", we were motivated to start an annual campaign to sponsor 4 years of secondary schooling for Martin Isaiah, a Kisaruni learner who will graduate with the Class of 2020.

The Kisaruni Group of Schools  has been built upon the foundation of the WE Village developmental pillars of education, water, health, food and access to opportunity.

The  Kisaruni philosophy strives to build on cultural values, promote leadership, value diversity, and encourage active learning.  In fact, the first tenet of their school philosophy is "being community".

The Milimani & Oleleshwa all-girls secondary schools  opened their doors in 2011 and 2013 respectively.  The schools have literally transformed the lives and communities of their learners, empowering the girls to grow beyond centuries of tradition.

The Ngulot boys campus opened their doors in January 2017 to provide equitable educational opportunity to boys.  It's opening  further helps ensure that the newly educationally empowered young women of the community find kindered spirits in their male counterparts in an otherwise largely patriarchal society.

We are honoured to have participated in the 2017 graduation ceremonies of Milimani & Oleleshwa.  It was a monumental moment for a community of girls whose circumstances would otherwise have never permitted education beyond  primary schooling.  We are humbled to have shared the moment when 4 years of the impossible suddenly become real  and forever life-changing.

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