In keeping with our utmost respect and appreciation for all that is math, we hope to encourage the pursuit of higher math endeavors amongst our peers - not only as a pure subject, but as a tool that can be applied to our ever evolving world.

We like math.  A lot.

We have heard people say that "math is not for everyone".  This is absurdly untrue!

Granted, there will always be differences between individual students but John Mighton, the founder of "Jump Math", believes that such inequalities can be minimized by recognizing and nurturing  a child's individual non-linear learning potential.  He believes that paying attention to how a child learns is as equally important as the content of their lessons.

Shirin Lutfeali , the architect behind "Numeracy Boost", believes that math should not be professed as a subject simply to be learnt in a classroom  - that math is everywhere - an integral part of every aspect of  life.

Although marks do literally make the grade these days, we don't believe that they define one's ability or even more importantly, their potential. 


I N S p i R E zine - Rowan's collaborative webzine, first published October 2018, highlights the dynamic and complex relationships between science and art, exploring singular topics from both scientific and artistic viewpoints. 

Are you an artist?  Or are you a scientist?  Contrary to conventional thinking, none of us are all of one and none of the other.  Each of us are unique and varied mixes of skills and expressive inclinations.  As we have fondly realized, aptitudes for both the arts and sciences are not mutually exclusive.

You can follow Rowan's Better Than Pi site and view the various issues of
I N S p i R E zine, HERE